Finding Office Space in Tulsa, OK

Pay Attention to Details When You Need to Lease Office Space

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When you have a business to run, it is more than likely that you will need suitable office space for the smooth and efficient functioning of your business. Offices are places where you spend a lot of time working, holding important meetings with clients and staff, think creatively about ways to expand and grow your business, and also conclude business deals. That is why deciding on the right office space is a decision that must be taken with a lot of care.  In Tulsa, it can be a huge amount of effort to find the right one, but that is why you are here. We will help you find the perfect offices in Tulsa!

To start with, make a realistic assessment of the space that you need including for storage, parking, and any likely expansion. A thumb rule calculation should have you providing at least 200 square feet per employee, as this should take care of the common facilities that you need for a reception area, meeting rooms, space for copiers, printers and the like, and even some rest areas. Once you have estimated the required area, check the location that is most suitable. Being close to city centers can be expensive, especially downtown Tulsa, and is only a must if you require a lot of interaction with customers and clients on a daily basis. At the same time, the leased office space must be convenient for people, including your staff, to come to.  The good thing is that there is not much traffic downtown compared to a city like Dallas.

You can now contact a real estate agency or leasing agents with your requirements in Tulsa. We highly recommend Daniels Greer Properties in Tulsa! Ask for the terms and rates, required deposits, facilities available and any other relevant details. Visit any space that is offered and see how you feel about it and whether it meets all your needs. If you require any changes to be made, see if they are acceptable to the landlord and whether he would make them quickly. If the space offered is more than you need, but is still suitable in all other ways, you can look to sublease your office space, though this may require permission from the landlord.

When your business is just starting up and you have limited use of office space, but still need a place to operate from, you can look to hire office suites that come with a lot of amenities that you can use. It is also possible to hire tablespace in certain buildings, where also a fair amount of amenities like secretarial help, common reception, printing and copying facilities and other things like janitorial services are readily available, at a cost.

On your part, you must be able to convince the prospective landlord of your business prospects and the seriousness of your intent, as well as your financial ability to meet any requirements for deposits, lease rent, and others. You may be required to submit a credit report, financial statements, bank statements, and others. Most landlords will also require you to be able to maintain the required discipline, cleanliness and any other conditions that are laid down in the lease agreement. Look for a long-term lease, as this can save you moving costs. Moving to new locations also often leads to disruption of a business for a short while. Thankfully, the Tulsa market is pretty lenient and is on the side of tenants. You may require taking permission for any signage or other means to advertise your business and to identify its location.

Make sure that you understand any fees or common area maintenance costs that many office space leases will require. Leasing office space is often a good solution when you are first starting a business and would like to employ all your available capital for the business, instead of spending it on acquiring property. Make sure that your leased office space has all the required permissions and licenses to rent out the premises. Ensure that they have adequate power and water that you may require during your conduct of business.  Visit for more information